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Contact lenses are medical devices that offer an alternative way to correct your vision. They are ideal for sports and outdoor activities.

At Karwoski Family Vision, we will fit you with the best contact lenses for your needs. During the exam, the doctor and staff will take measurements and ask questions about what you would like in a contact lens. Then we will provide a pair of contact lenses for you to try in our office, so that we can assess the fit and vision for necessary adjustments. For patients ordering contact lenses for the first time, we suggest a one-week follow up appointment to ensure that you are doing and looking great!

There are several types of contact lenses that the doctor may fit you with:

Sphere Contacts: This is the most common type of contact lens that we fit. They are designed for patients who don’t have a significant amount of astigmatism and are available in many brands and wearing schedules including daily, two-week and monthly.

Toric Contacts: Also available in many brands and wearing schedules, these lenses are designed for patients with a significant amount of astigmatism. Although they are more specialized than sphere contacts, they are relatively easy to fit and ensure comfort.

Multifocal and Monovision Contacts: These lenses are for patients who have presbyopia, an eye condition that usually afflicts people in their 40’s. These lenses help correct the vision for both distance and near vision. For best results, we recommend a follow-up in addition to your initial fitting appointment.

Rigid Gas Permeables: Unlike soft contact lenses, these lenses are hard lenses and recommended as the best option for patients with certain conditions.

Colored Lenses:Would you like to change the color of your eyes? You can! These lenses contain a ring of color that changes the appearance of your eye color. There are many colors to choose from, and they can be fitted for patients requiring sphere, toric or monovision lenses.