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Varilux Promotion: Second pair of lenses FREE!!

Varilux is running a promotion until the end of this year where you buy one pair of glasses with or without insurance and get the second pair of lenses FREE. You do have to get another frame but the lenses would be FREE!! This is huge savings. The first pair of lenses have to have Varilux’s non-glare coating, Transitions and either their progressive or Eyezens single vision lens.

So what is an Eyezen lens? Eyezens lenses are digital single vision lenses. If you are on any digital device such as a cell phone or computer, this will help relieve eye strain. They also have a blur light filter embedded in the lens to help protect you from that harmful blue light. This also helps relieve any eye strain caused by blue light. Vision is also crisper with this enhanced single vision lens. Dr. Karwoski does not have a prescription and she wears theses lenses since she is on the computer a lot. She has gotten eye strain relief from them. She has felt the benefits! Click the link below to learn more about these lenses!

Eyezens lenses

On our next blog, we will talk more about Transitions and the benefits they have on your eyes. Stay tuned! If you have any questions in regards to any of these products or the promotion, please give us a call or email us! We would be happy to answer any questions!

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Dry Eye Clinic

At Karwoski Family Vision, we offer the latest technology and treatment for dry eye. It all begins with a thorough dry eye evaluation at our office.

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Laser Vision Correction

Coordinating with the Kovach Eye Institute, we offer pre and post-operative care for LASIK and other eye surgical procedures.

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The new way to see….DIGITAL!

Do you want to see better with your glasses, even though you see 20/20? Well, we can enhance your quality of vision with digital lenses. We are excited to offer our patients digital lenses at an affordable price, whereas most of our competitors can not. We want our patients to have that “WOW” factor and digital will give that and more. These lenses are great for anyone, but especially for those needing a multifocal prescription and those with a high prescription as well. Check out this article to learn more about how these lenses are made and what makes them so different and great versus traditional lenses. Digital lenses are the way to go!


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Thinking about buying glasses online?….Think again.

Check out this study that was done by eyewear and eyecare industry experts that looked at nearly 200 glasses prescriptions that were filed through different online vendors. They found that nearly half of the prescriptions that were filed, were filed incorrectly. They didn’t meet the optical requirements in the patient’s vision needs and safety. This is why it is important to get a personal dispensing done by trained professionals including doctors and opticans. KFV can do that and more! We want you to be 20/happy!

Safety and compliance of prescription spectacles ordered by public via the internet

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Do You Want Darker, Fuller, and Longer Eyelashes?!?

Karwoski Family Vision is excited to offer our patients Latisse, which is a daily prescription treatment to make eyelashes become fuller, darker and longer. Latisse more than doubles lash fullness in 16 weeks. All you have to do is come in and fill out a questionnaire! Our doctor and staff will assist you with any questions you may have and if you qualify, you can get your Latisse kit that same day! For more information, you can check on Latisse’s website:


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Grand Opening on December 7th!!

Our Grand Opening will be on Friday, December 7th. We will be open starting from 9am. Come and check out our office and see what it has to offer! If you come in, you will be able to meet our staff and doctor. We do accept walk ins for eye exams and if you come in on our grand opening week from December 7th to December 14th, you can get 20% off a pair of our glasses (designer frame and lenses). We will also have some refreshments and treats all week long! Come and check us out!

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